Mysterious Amazon listings suggest upcoming… Micromaster Patrols?

As news on further Transformers releases continues to trickle in prior to SDCC, some listings have popped up on Amazon Australia that give us something interesting to speculate on. A host of new product pages have shown up on the Amazon Australia website, marked as shipping from Amazon US.

There are listings for one-step Transformers “Power Ram” figures for $15 AUD, with one new name showing up that hasn’t been seen on a product for Cyberverse or the new “evergreen” lines: Prowl!
But while this is fairly straightforward, with just a new name showing up in a familiar gimmick subline, other listings bring back more old, but wholly unexpected, names — ones that hearken back to the Micromaster Patrols of the 1990s Transformers line. Listings for “Rescue“, “Battle“, “Airstrike“, “Spy“, “Sports Car“, “Race Car“, and — perhaps most tellingly, “Off Road Patrol” — are also up, all listed at $15 AUD. All but “Spy” are old Micromaster Patrol names, with the last one actually having the complete name. It’s worth noting that the price point for these is similar to the current Legends Class, which could suggest the Patrols (if that’s what they are) may be replacing them or featuring alongside them for the upcoming Generations toyline.
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