More G1 Power Cores Coming To Transformers Earth Wars This Weekend And More!

This weekend’s event in Transformers: Earth Wars will be a 60 Prestige Alliance event called, “A bug’s Strife”. Also we get our first look at the next two bots that will be joining the game soon! Spoiler alert, they aren’t from G1!

So this weekend, each prestige will give you resources as well as a G1 crystal, which will either get you a Bronze, Silver, or gold G1 Power chip or 2. 3. or 4 star shards. Fortunately no battle boosts this weekend.

And speaking of G1 power cores, here is a look of all the cores on their respective Bots and Cons along with a description of what they do:

And now the moment you all have been waiting for, the new bots!

That is right! More Beast Wars characters are joining the Earth Wars! Hopefully they won’t be part of a Leaderboard Event this time, because honestly, I need the sleep!
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