In-Hand Photos of Special Edition Repugnus

It would appear that the new Special Edition Titans Return Repugnus figure has reached his first customer, as Japanese Twitter user @6niniru has posted in-hand photos of Repugnus (and the accompanying Dastard and Solus Prime). @6niniru has even included a photo of the Special Edition Repugnus body attached to the standard retail single-packed Repugnus head, in comparison to the Dastard head.

Repugnus is a heavy retool (as John Warden would presumably phrase it, a “partial-tool”) of Titans Return Deluxe Class Autobot Twinferno (the renamed Doublecross), as was the case with last year’s Grotusque. This means that all three 1987 Monsterbots have now been remade for a 2010s audience.

And now that Dastard’s robot mode is publicly visible, we can identify the design inspiration of the Titan Master: the 1987 Autobot-allied Beastformer “Hedgehog” (known in Hasbro markets as the Battle Beast “Prickly Porcupine”). This follows on from White Leo (Pirate Lion) being Twinferno’s Titan Master Daburu, and Platinum Tiger (Saber Sword Tiger) being Grotusque’s Titan Master Fengul.
Thanks to Allsparker Triblurr for the identification.

Photo by TFWiki administrator and Allspark user M Sipher.
Repugnus is the second of three “Special Edition” figures from Hasbro this year commemorating the Prime Wars Trilogy, with Repugnus (with Dastard and Solus Prime) dedicated to Titans Return. For Combiner Wars, there is Blast Off (with Megatronus) and for Power of the Primes, there is Punch-Counterpunch (with Prima Prime).

The Special Edition figures are Amazon exclusives in Western markets while Blast Off has been sighted in Hong Kong and will presumably be followed by his fellows. These figures even have T-shirts dedicated to them.
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