Hasbro Transformers G1 Reissue Line at Wal-Mart Officially Announced

While we’ve known that these figures were coming for a bit we’ve got the official Hasbro announcement of the upcoming Wal-Mart exclusive Generation 1 reissue line – and if you were hoping for a $75 MISB G1 Devestator it’s your lucky day! Rounding out the initial lineup is Hot Rod, Starscream, and the expected Minibots. We’ve got stock photos and official info after the jump!The first wave will feature Devy, Hot Rod, Starscream (with Megatron pistol accessory), and “legion class” Minibots Bumblebee, Outback, Tailgate, and Swerve. So by that wording I’d expect to pay $9.99 for carded mint G1 minibots! Otherwise the only price listed is the incredible $74.99 for a boxed G1 giftset style combiner. Hard to believe!
The figures will be made using original tooling and feature the classic heat sensitive faction symbols and reproductions of the original stickers. And while they aren’t live yet preorder links are listed and it’s stated they will go live today! Read all about it on IGN, enjoy the stock photos below, and thanks to Allspark member Steevy Maximus for the tip!