G1 Starscream Reissue (and Possibly More) Coming to Walmart

Walmart’s website has a listing for a G1 Starscream reissue, labelled as “Vintage G1” and depicted with the Megatron gun mode accessory from the Transformers Collection reissue.
Robotkingdom has listings of similar reissues, also described as Walmart exclusives.

These are a Devastator set as well as the Mini-Vehicles Bumblebee, Tailgate, Outback and Swerve. As they are not listed on Walmart’s website yet, their exact details are unconfirmed.

Thanks to forum users Knightsword and Nevermore for the alerts.
Are these the reissues you want? Do you hope that other characters will be included in this line? Feel free to discuss this in the forum thread or Allspark’s Discord Server.