G1 Power Cores Event Coming This Weekend To Transformers Earth Wars!

With the release of the G1 soundtrack, G1 Reissues coming to Walmart, and popular G1 toys getting the CHUG treatment being shown off yesterday, it seems that everyone is getting on the G1 train these days and Earth Wars is no exception!

This weekend Earth Wars is having a 10K Solo event where you can win a Bronze, Silver, and Gold G1 power cores! These cores make the bots look more like their G1 selves as well as giving them a tremendous power boost! See below for event details!

And here is a good look at the new Bots and Cons in action complete with the G1 soundtrack coming to the game as well!

And here is a gallery showing off what the G1 power cores do for each bot!

As mentioned, these new G1 power cores will also have the possibility of being in the duplicates from the space bridge crystals, but what the drop rate will be is still unknown. So if you get a cool G1 power core, let us know in our Earth Wars thread, on our Discord Server, or our Facebook group!