Flame Toys Furai Model Starscream Available for Preorder at TFSource

Site sponsor TFSource has now made Starscream, the second kit in Flame Toys’ Furai Model line of Transformers models, available for preorder!
The news of Furai Model Starscream’s availability was announced by Flame Toys on the heels of the whole host of new product reveals they had at the Hong Kong ACG exhibition earlier this week. Like the Optimus Prime model that also releases shortly before him, this Starscream is a highly posable model kit featuring a new take on the classic character design that Flame Toys created in collaboration with Studio Trigger, the Japanese animation studio behind anime such as Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and Inferno Cop. Flame Toys promises that Furai Model Starscream will be easy to assemble even for those who are inexperienced with model kits.
Furai Model Starscream will release this October. You can peruse the official stock images for the kit below, or you can check out TFSource’s product page and preorder yours now!

If these pictures pulled the trigger that set off a flaming need deep inside you to scream about this kit, check out our thread for all the other latest Flame Toys news from Hong Kong ACG or the Transformers toys channel on the Allspark Discord!