Transformers Hall of Fame 2018 final voting is now live!

The official Transformers Facebook page has revealed the final candidates for the Transformers 2018 Hall of Fame – and you can vote on them right now!
The Allspark’s overwhelming favorite for the “Favorite Character” category, Beast Wars‘s hot, poisonous and deadly femme fatale Blackarachnia, was clearly a shoo-in to reach the final three – but she’s up against the all-consuming monster planet Unicron, getting a surge in relevance from his coming to the IDW Generation 1 continuity this year, and the monotone sentinel of Cybertron Omega Supreme. It’ll be a tough fight, but there can only be one winner!

Despite being a strong forerunner in the Allspark’s voting, Power of the Primes Slash didn’t qualify for a slot in the final contenders for “2018 Toy of the Year“. Instead, our runner-up Studio Series Blackout will be facing POTP Evolution Optimus Prime and the two-part POTP Battletrap in the battle for this year’s best toy.
You can vote now in the Facebook poll – and once you’ve done that, come and discuss your vote in the Hall of Fame discussion thread on our forums, or in our Discord server!