Transformers Hall of Fame 2018 final voting is now live!

The official Transformers Facebook page has revealed the final candidates for the Transformers 2018 Hall of Fame – and you can vote on them right now!
The Allspark’s overwhelming favorite for the “Favorite Character” category, Beast Wars‘s hot, poisonous and deadly femme fatale Blackarachnia, was clearly a shoo-in to reach the final three – but she’s up against the all-consuming monster planet Unicron, getting a surge in relevance from his coming to the IDW Generation 1 continuity this year, and the monotone sentinel of Cybertron Omega Supreme. It’ll be a tough fight, but there can only be one winner!

Despite being a strong forerunner in the Allspark’s voting, Power of the Primes Slash didn’t qualify for a slot in the final contenders for “2018 Toy of the Year“. Instead, our runner-up Studio Series Blackout will be facing POTP Evolution Optimus Prime and the two-part POTP Battletrap in the battle for this year’s best toy.
You can vote now in the Facebook poll – and once you’ve done that, come and discuss your vote in the Hall of Fame discussion thread on our forums, or in our Discord server!



Jo, aka "Broadside", had her first experience with Transformers watching Transformers: Cybertron on CITV, but only really got involved in the fandom through the IDW comics. When not posting on the Allspark, she can sometimes be found contributing to the Transformers and IDW Hasbro wikis... sometimes.