Canadian Father Turns His Children Into Transformers with Amazing Kid Cosplay!

A few months ago, there was a viral video of a father from Canada who made Transformers costumes for his children.  The interwebs went crazy for them, and Spanish language site Metrolatam has posted a brief interview with Mr. Petryczka where he details a little about how me makes the suits and why.  Check out the story here after the break!

The original Metrolatam article written by Daniel Casillas has more pictures and can be found here.  Below is a translation to English for the convenience of our readers.  Enjoy!
“You’ve probably seen videos of children dressed in Transformers outfits that are really capable of converting from vehicles to robots. Well, those incredible and functional costumes were created by Mark Petryczka, a loving father from Toronto, Canada, who was inspired by his children. The father of two children has become viral on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and surprised the attendees of Comic Con with their incredible costumes. Petryczka told Metro that he has already received purchase orders from dozens of countries around the world.

Mark Petryczka, bus driver and father of Mozaik and Jasper of Toronto, Canada
Q: Why did you create the Transformers suits?

  • I’ve always been a fan of the Transformers. I have several all time favorites in my collection that I have saved over the years. My son Mozaik became interested in my collection and told me he wanted to be Optimus Prime. I went on the Internet and saw other examples of this costume being made. I took the best of what I saw and tried to make the character as comfortable, useful and “on scale” as I could. I did the same with Bumblebee. Taking the best ideas available on the Internet, and trying to make them mine through a series of improvements, refinements and original solutions. My children were my inspiration, although they may tell you that I am theirs!

Q: How are they made?

  • The first step to making a suit is to choose the inner/underwear. It is much easier to combine paint with clothes than vice versa. This is an area often ignored by people who make costumes, but the underlying clothing is essential to make a coherent and continuous “flow” in the overall appearance. Once the garment is chosen, measurements are taken, and a wooden skeleton is built to support all the pieces of cardboard. We use paint sticks. Once the skeleton is made, we paste all the cardboard and use the paint that we combine with the clothes.

Q: How did your children react?

  • The children loved their costumes! Actually, they seemed to be the most fun when we were experimenting with basic square boxes. Our children have been involved in the whole process of construction and adaptation. They love to play their favorite characters. They also love the attention they receive in the different shows in which we participate throughout the year. All these experiences have made them very sociable, extroverted and comfortable in the midst of large crowds.

Q: You have also been to Comic Con.

  • Yes, we have been attending various Comic Con festivals for almost 2 years. The response from the general public has always been positive. We have received several first prize awards in the respective costume contests. It was a very pleasant and personal experience. We published some of our videos online with a very modest general response. Then, suddenly, a random video of our children went viral. Literally, everyone was looking for us overnight. We have been flooded by people, from more countries than we can list, asking to buy our costumes. It was a bit overwhelming and extremely flattering. We never planned any of this.

Q: Have you thought about creating other costumes?

  • For the foreseeable future, we have no plans to do anything other than Transformers costumes. There are simply too many interesting characters that we still have to design and do. In addition, our children have already given us their “wish list”, which will keep us busy for at least the next 3 years.”