Behold the Beast King of Eukaris! Throne of the Primes — Possible SDCC Exclusive Revealed!

A surprise exclusive has been revealed courtesy of a post on — “Throne of the Primes” featuring a re-deco of Optimal Optimus with new kingly accessories!

The new deco features Optimus Primal’s season 1 color scheme mapped onto the Optimal Optimus body of the PotP toy’s Prime mode. New accessories include a crown and a scepter, and the packaging contains a throne adorned with the Maximal symbol as well detailing resembling a Mayan disc featuring images of the Prime Masters. If you look near Primal’s right hand, the scepter is capable of storing a Prime Master, and at least one is included.

With the new accessories and throne, this certainly evokes the “Beast King of Eukaris” description Primal was given in the fan vote that lead to his inclusion in the Power of the Primes line!

Given the timing of this reveal and the English-only packaging, this seems very likely to be a SDCC 2018 exclusive. With Comic Con right around the corner, hopefully it won’t be long until we have more details on Monkey King Primal!


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