Action and Adventure Podcast Ep. 25 – Shocking Revelations

HE’S A BLACKSTAR! Daniel and Callum sit down to talk comics with a set of books that sent shockwaves through the IDW readership! Read on to listen as we talk Optimus Prime, Lost Light and more!

First off, Daniel and Callum catch up on the IDW Solicitations for July 2018. Then they kick off the comic talk with Rom & The Micronauts #4, followed by Lost Light #17, and building up to the comics that broke the Transformers fandom, Optimus Prime #17 and #18!
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0:00 – Introduction
1:51 – IDW July 2018 Solicitations
21:58 – Rom & The Micronauts #4
31:56 – Lost Light #17
43:37 – Optimus Prime #17 and #18
1:33:38 – Outroduction/Next Week’s Comics
Featured music:
Opening – Action Man Ending Theme
Ending – “Blackstar” by David Bowie (excerpt)
Note: This episode was recorded back in April.
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