411mania Interview with John Warden at SDCC and Hasbro Instagram Q&A

Jeffrey Harris from 411Mania got a chance to sit down with Transformers lead-designer John Warden at SDCC 2018. While there’s no major scoops in the interview there are some interesting tidbits. Also related to the continuing focus on the upcoming Siege toyline, Hasbro released a brief Q&A set on Instragram today

From 411Mania:

Jeffrey Harris: I notice that Bumblebee for the movie is back in his classic VW Beetle form?
John Warden: Oh yeah. It’s so exciting. We all love the 2007 Bumblebee. It was really an earth-shattering moment, but I think for us G1 fans, it was really, really exciting. It’s a softer, gentler Bumblebee that Yoko-san described as a “sweet boy.” He has a level of innocence and relatability. It’s going to be neat to see him come alive onscreen.


Jeffrey Harris: What would you say is the key theme of the Bumblebee film?
John Warden: The key theme is I think love and kindness and wanting to belong and feeling like you can make a difference.


Jeffrey Harris: Can you clarify if the new Bumblebee movie is a prequel to the 2007 film, or is it a soft reset that can go its own way in the future?

Read the entire Q&A here.
Also released today via Instagram, Hasbro did a brief Q&A with fans on the Siege toyline. While most are your basic vague corporate answers it does offer a hint that there might be a new Titan release on the way, although considering we get one every year now, that really isn’t all that surprising.