Transformers to Boldly Go Where No Bot Has Gone Before

From outer space left field comes an IDW Publishing crossover you never knew you wanted until now. While the Transformers have shared panels with the likes of G.I. Joe and the Avengers, and the Star Trek crew has hung out with the Doctor and the Green Lantern Corps, these two iconic casts have not run into each other beyond the old trivia bit of Leonard Nimoy playing Galvatron (and, sure, Sentinel Prime).

io9’s James Whitbrook reports that writers John Barber and Mike Johnson will bring the 4-issue crossover to life in September this year, in collaboration with artist Philip Murphy and colorist Leonardo Ito. Leveraging the classic aesthetics of both brands, the story will see the Enterprise run into the Transformers upon answering a distress call on the edge of Klingon space.
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