Third Party MAKE TOYS – MTCM-03 QUANTRON Offered at Deep Discount

Normally, we don’t promote any news or products directly that are related to the legally questionable use of Hasbro’s intellectual property rights – Generally, I personally see them as over priced infringements on something that goes well outside of the normal scope of “fair use”.

However, I would be remiss not to point out what our site sponsor TFSource has for a ridiculously cheap sale that is almost 70% off the “normal” retail value. Enough to put it on par with a legitimate Transformers combiner price point.

In this case, it’s MAKE TOYS – MTCM-03 QUANTRON which is currently listed on TFSource’s website for $139.99, down from the regular price of $429.99. That is a giant savings that is too big to ignore. You can click the picture below to order the item, and be sure to check out all their products here.




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