The Spark in Review: June 8, 2018

The Spark in Review is an inventory-space-friendly stackable block form of the week’s news at Allspark. This week, there’s new information on the exclusive Generations Repugnus, Bumblebee’s first trailer has launched, we’re rolling out to Pete’s Robot Convention tomorrow, and Action and Adventure interviewed long-time IDW editor in chief Chris Ryall.

Toy News and Reveals:
This week brought confirmation and images of Encore Beast Machines Optimus Primal, as well as stock photos for the MP-36+ toy-derived Masterpiece Megatron release.
In Generations, Cindersaur and Outback have been sighted in the US, more information was released on the Amazon Prime Wars Repugnus figure meant to complete the Monsterbot set from Titans Return, and we’ve dispatched our gallery and review of Power of the Primes Inferno.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
Paramount released the first trailer for Bumblebee on Tuesday, confirming a lot of expectations about the film’s “a boy and his car” premise and slightly more G1 stylization for the robots. The movie looks to be a sharp contrast in tone to the five Michael-Bay-directed Transformers films, while still maintaining its continuity ties to the 2007 movie (though it remains to be seen whether this might be the last film within that continuity, if Hasbro and Paramount opt to reboot the film series when they return to it.)
Meanwhile, a batch of early G1 model sheets have been revealed, showing how a few iconic Transformers characters might have had very different appearances if things had run a slightly different way in 1984.
IDW has released the three-page preview for Lost Light #18. Meanwhile, BOOM! Studios has released the full preview for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special and announced a new Power Rangers graphic novel due in December.
In Transformers gaming, Jazz has debuted in Forged to Fight with a highly G1-inspired look from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Earth Wars is showcasing newcomers Tracks and Cutthroat in this weekend’s event.
Fandom and Events in 1:1 Scale: 
This weekend is it – Pete’s Robot Convention in Cincinnati! Meet up with Allspark users and staff on Sunday for a chat and collector card trade, see rare and unreleased pieces of Transformers history, check out the 3H reunion panel, and more this weekend!
A very different kind of congregation is in progress as Toys R Us’s corporate offices enter liquidation. We grabbed our own photo gallery for this rather less celebratory event.
Regular Items:
Action and Adventure launched a special episode this week in the form of an interview with long-time IDW editor in chief Chris Ryall. Last week’s Allspark Art Showcase featured a brilliantly executed custom Power of the Primes Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, and you can stick around tomorrow for this week’s installment. Finally, check out last week’s news if you’re catching up.
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