The Spark in Review: June 29, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark made connectable and stackable. This week, a blast of new Masterpiece and SDCC exclusive news dominates the toy news, the nominations process for the 2018 Transformers Hall of Fame has completed as we gear up for the vote, and Dungeons and Dragons is to launch an official coloring book.

Toy News and Reveals:
There’s been a lot of exciting toy news this week. In Transformers Masterpiece, high-quality images have been released of the third Masterpiece Optimus Prime mold, while Beast Wars Megatron has been revealed in color and with accessories and expressions. There are also rumors of a reissue of Masterpiece Ironhide and Ratchet.
Power of the Primes Wave 3 has finally made it to US retail, while Nemesis Prime has appeared in in-hand photos and the long awaited Blast Off with Megatronus has appeared in packaging photos and in-hand. Separately, for anyone missing them, Titans Return Overlord, Blitzwing, and Octone have appeared at discount retailer Ollie’s.
Flame Toys has also released photos of their upcoming high-detail licensed Tarn figure in preproduction form to demonstrate the figure’s articulation, keeping up with the standard established in their Drift with sophisticated joint mechanics and dynamic posing.
San Diego Comic-Con has revealed exclusives for 2018. Not only is Bumblebee appearing with a couple of very unexpected partners in his own retro rock band, but Prince Adam is set to appear in his own musically inspired set, and the Dreamworks series’ Legendary Voltron is set to appear in a new “Hyper Phase” version that appears to be based on the 16″ combining set with new weapons and sculpt detailing.
In the general theme of vintage toy properties, interviewed Brian Volk-Weiss, creator of Netflix’s The Toys that Made Us, while the Lego Ideas classic Voltron set approved last August has been revealed for release this August.
And straining any attempt at a reasonable segue, the wholly contemporary Beasts of the Mesozoic high-detail, high-accuracy dinosaur action figure line is set to launch its Ceratopsian series early next year.
In the toy retail sphere, still on fire after Toys R Us’s dramatic exit, Party City plans to launch a number of Toy City locations for this holiday season, in a plan reminiscent of Ellia Kassoff’s seasonal pop-up KB Toys scheme. Meanwhile, while Toys R Us continues under new ownership in Canada, a former CEO of the company is attempting to acquire the US IP to relaunch the brand in the United States.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
IDW have released their shipping list for July 4 and the five-page preview for the first issue of the Bumblebee movie prequel comic. They’ve also announced an all new Snake Eyes miniseries, and Unicron #0 is now available for free on
Machinima’s Power of the Primes series has launched Episode 9 with the conclusive tenth episode set to launch on Tuesday, while the Go90 service that carries the series is set to shut down shortly afterward in what we can only assume is a coincidence.
Outside the Transformers sphere, Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is set for home release on July 31.
In gaming news, Dungeons and Dragons is set to release a coloring book, while Nintendo’s NES Classic is set for a reissue. Meanwhile, cabinet arcade games still exist, and Sega has launched a Transformers film-based arcade game.
The Earth Wars event this weekend is a triple-XP individual event.

Fandom and Events:
TFCon Toronto 2018 is holding a raffle including items like Masterpiece Megatron and Titans Return Trypticon for donors of items to their charity auction for Make a Wish Canada.
We’ve released our video of the 3H Enterprises Reunion Panel from Pete’s Robot Convention 2018, as well as our community nominations for the 2018 Transformers Hall of Fame.
As always, let us know on the forums what you think is particularly newsy or what you think of any of these items, and you can always check out last week’s Spark in Review if you’re catching up.