The Spark in Review: June 22, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark in a chic blind-box assortment series for the discerning nerd. This week, several Studio Series figures have hit YouTube reviews, another legendary crossover is coming to comics after decades of fanfic, that Starscream in the Bumblebee trailer really is Starscream, and new information has surfaced on remaining Prime Wars exclusives.

Toy News and Reveals:
Information continues to trickle out on the remaining Power of the Primes exclusives, with new information on Counterpunch (but as yet no photos) and a possible September arrival date for Wreck-Gar. Meanwhile, original concept art has been revealed for Power of the Primes Rodimus Unicronus, seemingly based on previously revealed concept art for Rodimus Prime, giving some insight into the design process before toy engineering begins.
Several new Studio Series figures have hit retail recently and been reviewed by a variety of YouTube channels, including Megatron, Brawl, Lockdown, Jazz, and the unsolicited Ironhide.
Outside Transformers, a new vintage-styled Masters of the Universe collection has launched from Super 7, creators of the Masters of the Universe Classics series.

Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
IDW have released their June 27 shipping list and September solicitations, as well as the three-page preview of Lost Light #19. But the big news from IDW is a new miniseries from John Barber, Mike Johnson, Philip Murphy, and Leonardo Ito: Star Trek vs. Transformers, a crossover between the original The Transformers cartoon and Star Trek: The Animated Series.
In related comic news, Boom! Studios, creators of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series, have revealed a new direction for the comic and a new creative team to launch in September, as well as an upcoming one-shot.
One small piece of Bumblebee movie news surfaced: surprising no one, it was revealed that the red and grey seeker jet in the film’s trailer is indeed Starscream. Speculation continues on how the film will position itself in relation to the existing movie franchise; while the trailer and Bumblebee’s own design contain many references to the 2007 movie, the new Starscream bears no resemblance to that character as introduced in the same film.
Outside the Transformers sphere, showrunners for Voltron Legendary Defender discussed Season 6 and future developments in the series with In a very different kind of story about possible future developments in days of long ago and uncharted regions of the universe, comments from George Lucas revealed in a book published by James Cameron in May revealed some, ah, interesting thoughts on Lucas’s original plans for the Star Wars sequel trilogy.
Right here in this galaxy and this very weekend, Earth Wars is holding a Gnaw Event, because you can never have too much bug eyed shark monster. Meanwhile, Rodimus Unicronus and Inferno are soon to come to the game.
Fandom and Events:
Issue 1 of the Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended has launched and is now available in PDF and CBZ and on Issu, and there are plenty of characters waiting for writers to claim them, so come make your claim and help us build out this universe.
Regular Items:
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