The Spark in Review: June 15, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news in an assorted fun-size bag. But sorted. It’s a bad metaphor. In any case, it’s been a big week with Tokyo Toy Fair reveals, Pete’s Robot Convention, new Bumblebee movie news, and the 2018 Transformers Hall of Fame vote nominations beginning.

Toy News and Reveals:
Tokyo Toy Show 2018 came with a round of new reveals from TakaraTomy this week. Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron was revealed in full color, along with more images of the Diaclone Dianaut Maneuver Delta suit in its regular and flying configuration and another round of Waruder pilots. Finally, the previously teased third pass at a Masterpiece Optimus Prime has also now been more fully revealed in images of its unpainted preproduction form, with a very distinct approach to the character model and transformation from that of MP-10.
Another reveal from TakaraTomy this week is a limited-release 35th anniversary “Golden Lagoon” series of Generations and Masterpiece figures in “lucky-draw” style gold-chromed decos.
There’s some news in Power of the Primes this week, with Predaking up for preorder, a re-release planned for the scarce Wave 2, and a reveal of the design concept art for Elita 1.
Finally, in a surprise sighting, a cache of a previously unrevealed Studio Series Ironhide materialized at retail in a store in Singapore.
Outside Transformers, Hasbro has closed the deal on their acquisition of Power Rangers and other Saban properties, as speculation continues how Hasbro will manage the property in both its television and its action figure forms.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
Bumblebee movie news continues since the trailer debut with a behind-the-scenes video with director Travis Knight, also revealing even more footage from the film.
Lost Light #18 released this week, and IDW has released a full preview of the issue.
Finally, check out this week’s event in Earth Wars, a solo event accompanied by a few small updates and a new Solus Prime core avatar.
Fandom and Events:
Our attending staff and members had a lot of fun at Pete’s Robot Convention in Cincinnati last weekend. For more details on the events of the con you’ll need to see our forum thread, but you can check out Night Shining Inc.’s panel on unrevealed BotCon concepts and future plans for the convention in video form.
We’ve launched the Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended project with the first issue available and much more to come. Come share your thoughts or join the effort yourself!
Hasbro has also announced the 2018 Transformers Hall of Fame vote, and are seeking nominations for character inductees and the 2018 toy of the year, so you can make your voice heard as we move toward the vote.
Regular Items:
Check out last week’s Spark in Review if you’re catching up. Otherwise, join us on the forums or our Discord server to share your thoughts on any of last week’s news or let us know what’s exciting you this week.