The Spark in Review: June 1, 2018

The Spark in Review is a run-down of the week’s news at Allspark in a travel-friendly package. This week, two big reveals of “evergreen” Transformers designs rolled out, we saw Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron’s beast mode for the first time, reviews are out for Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus and Inferno, and we reviewed Requiem of the Wreckers.

Toy News and Reveals:

In toy news, reviews have sprung up for Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus, Inferno, and the Wave 3 Prime Masters. Meanwhile, a running change in Power of the Primes Jazz’s deco means that the hidden “MAGA” tampo was switched out of production sometime after Hasbro’s apology for the oversight.
In Takara news, Figure King #244 revealed a variety of new looks at upcoming toys, including Masterpiece Megatron’s beast mode and new images of Diaclone Battle Buffalo.
The TakaraTomy exclusive Street Fighter II x Transformers figures have shipped and in-hand photos have been produced. An odd listing implies that an upcoming TakaraTomy exclusive will be an Encore release of Beast Machines Air Attack Optimus Primal. We’ve also released a gallery for TakaraTomy’s LG-EX Grand Maximus.
In one last bit of toy news, a curio from the past appeared and will be on display at Pete’s Robot Convention on June 9-10: an alternate face sculpt intended for the original Beast Machines Megatron, representing his head without the control harness helmet. (The Allspark will be holding a meet-up at the event, so you can come and see the figure and us at the same time!)
In a bit of news that’s neither toys nor media but something in between, two separate rounds of “evergreen” Transformers designs have appeared, first in a digital sticker app, then in a separate release, revealing for the first time the unified designs for Wheeljack, Barricade, Windblade, and others. These designs are the basis for the designs in the upcoming Cyberverse toy and cartoon lineup, and also meant to represent a unified look for the Transformers brand outside of franchises like the films and Generations, so we’ll likely be seeing a lot of these designs in the near future.
Cartoons, Comics, and Media:
In a bit of Bumblebee movie news, the trailer is set to launch June 5, while a very brief interview with Barricade voice actor Jess Harnell offered an interesting perspective on the film franchise.
IDW has released their shipping list for Wednesday, June 6, as well as previews for the now available Optimus Prime #19 and the Requiem of the Wreckers annual. We’ve released a spoiler-free review of Requiem of the Wreckers, which concludes the IDW universe Wrecker story that began in 2010.
Outside the Transformers and IDW domain, Matt Frank’s Redman: The Kaiju Hunter¬†is set for a June release and has released previews, art, and an interview with the creator.
In gaming, Earth Wars has announced this weekend’s event as usual. Outside the Transformers sphere, Dungeons and Dragons has released Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, a thick volume of monsters and lore to challenge your players and enrich your stories.
Regular Items:
Action and Adventure released episodes 24 and 25 this week, catching you up on everything in the IDW universe as well as what might have been. The Allspark Art Showcase for last Saturday revealed a pair of striking Diaclone decos transported into Generations, and stick around tomorrow for this week’s edition of the Showcase. Finally, if you’re nostalgic for how things looked last week in the 1980s, check out last week’s Spark in Review.
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