Takara Tomy’s November Releases to Include… Encore Beast Machines Optimus Primal?!

From the Loopaza Mega Store, an image of Takara Tomy’s planned Transformers releases for the month of November has surfaced. While it does include the expected solicits for their domestic releases of Power of the Primes toys such as Outback, Cindersaur, and Rodimus Unicronus, the list also includes a surprise addition… A Transformers Encore rerelease of Beast Machines Optimus Primal!

According to Loopaza’s listing, which was released via their Facebook page, this Encore rerelease is specifically of the Air Attack Optimus Primal mold, the Supreme class figure that was originally released as part of the 2001 Robots in Disguise line after the Beast Machines line was cut short. Confusingly though, attached to their post is a picture of the Japanese release of Blast Punch Optimus Primal, which was released as part of the Beast Wars Returns line in 2004. Given that this Encore release carries the hefty price tag of 20,000 yen though, it seems safe to conclude that this is likely the huge, electronics-ridden Air Attack mold rather than the comparatively simple (and therefore cheaper) Blast Punch. It’s worth noting though that Takara has yet to officially say one way or the other what mold this release will be using though.

Originally launched in 2007 as a Generation 1 reissue line, the Transformers Encore line was unexpectedly revived last year after a four year hiatus with the release of Transformers: Car Robots God Fire Convoy, better known to Western Transformers fans as Robots in Disguise Omega Prime. While Encore God Fire Convoy was plagued by widespread and serious quality control issues that led to Takara Tomy recalling, apologizing, and issuing refunds to those who purchased the set, for the moment they seem to be continuing with their newly revived Encore line. If they are indeed planning on rereleasing Air Attack Optimus Primal mold, that mold having been recently rereleased as part of the Platinum Edition line in 2016 will hopefully mean it is in better shape than that Fire Convoy and God Magnus molds were.
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