Takara Tomy Mall Limited 35th Anniversary “Golden Lagoon” Subline Announced!

Celebrating 35 years of the Transformers franchise, Takara Tomy has announced a subline homaging one of the Sunbow cartoon’s season 2 episodes, “The Golden Lagoon”! Consisting of five figures decked out in the golden colors the titular Golden Lagoon granted the transforming Robots!

The “Golden Lagoon” tribute set celebrates the 35th Anniversary with the G1 episode “The Golden Lagoon” in which the nature-loving Beachcomber discovers a lagoon that grants invulnerability! Homaging this episode is a set of five figures in “The Golden Lagoon” golden deco! The figures are MP-10 Convoy/Optimus Prime, Unite Warriors Deluxe Star Scream, Titans Return figures Seaspray and Perceptor, and Power of the Primes Beachcomber to complete the set!
Currently, a three pack of Perceptor, Beachcomber, and Seaspray is listed on the Takara Tomy Mall site for ¥8,640 and is expected to release November 2018. While they don’t have listings yet, the TakTomy website states that Golden Lagoon Star Scream will be available late October 2018 for ¥3,800 on Takara Tomy Mall, while Golden Lagoon Convoy will be available late August at ¥15,000 as a Wonderfest 2018 exclusive.
In addition to product images, Twitter user @portarmy has taken photos of the toys on display at the Tokyo Toy Show, which we have included in our gallery.

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