Surprise Store Sighting – Studio Series Ironhide!

Many thanks to Allsparker Takaratomy on Discord, who has provided us with photos of the new Studio Series Voyager Class figure 14 Autobot Ironhide, who is now suddenly available in Singapore without any prior announcement from Hasbro.

Takaratomy (no relation to the Japanese company) spotted Ironhide at specialty toy store Robo Robo for 55 SGD (41 USD), alongside a re-release of 05 Optimus Prime as wave 3 of Studio Series Voyager Class figures.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, back in January, Robo Robo also had Power of the Primes Legends Class wave 2 (Battleslash, Roadtrap, and Autobot Tailgate) first in the world.

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