SDCC 2018 Exclusive Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment Set

Wow, that title is a mouthful! As we slip closer and closer to the legendary Comic Con in San Diego for 2018, Playmates has unveiled their newest incarnation of the Voltron crew in the Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment Set due for an exclusive boxed set release.
Click on to get the full detailed information as well as the high res gallery of all the lions in their full color glory, as well as when and where to get your hands on this streamlined beauty.

Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment Set Overview:

To achieve Hyper-phase mode, the Voltron team taps into Princess Allura’s unique connection to the Quintessence to imbue the Lions with energy, upgrading their weapons and supercharging the Lions!

Product Features:

  • Prepare for the complete Voltron experience!
  • The Hyper-Phase Legendary Lions are fully articulated, with unique projectile launchers for stand-alone play – and they can also transform and combine with the other Hyper-Phase Legendary Lions to form a 16″ fully articulated Voltron figure!
  • Each Lion has all new designs, is highly articulated and includes a unique speeder and pilot.
  • The Blue, Red, Green and Yellow Lions come with distinct weapons like the Blue Lion’s Hydro Cannon and the Red Lion’s Magma Disc launcher!
  • The Black Lion has lights, phrases and sound effects from the show!
  • Unlock over 50 sounds by combining all 5 Legendary Lions to form 16″ Voltron for out of this world fun!
  • MSRP:

o   $129.99 for the 5-piece box set

  • Available from the following Comic Con vendors:

o   ThinkGeek/Gamestop – Booth 3349

o   Toynk Toys – Booth 815/4437

o   Entertainment Earth – Booth 2343

o   Trendsetters/Sure Thing Toys – Booth 4730