Prime Wars Trilogy Repugnus Figure Info From Amazon – Includes Solus Prime and Dastard

Over the course of this year we have gleaned the existence of an upcoming Repugnus figure via ACD Distribution and Amazon Canada, presumably under the banner of the currently-running Power of the Primes line. Well now, we finally have more detailed information, albeit with no images, from a listing on Amazon’s U.S. site!


  • Special Edition Titans Return Repugnus and Titan Master Dastard
  • Features a Deluxe Class Repugnus figure with premium deco
  • Also comes with a special edition Prime Master figure, Solus Prime
  • Comes in special edition packaging; celebrate the Prime Wars Trilogy with this collectible set
  • Includes Deluxe Class Repugnus figure, Titan Master Dastard figure, special edition Solus Prime Prime Master figure, 2 accessories, and instructions. Ages 8 and up.

With the release of this set, fans will be able to have all three Generation 1 Autobot Monsterbots redone in Titans Return style, synchronized with the neo-Headmaster gimmick. Further, Repugnus and his head partner Dastard will come with a Prime Master Solus Prime, who will probably utilize clear plastic similarly to the Megatronus coming with Blast Off. The “Special Edition” label also suggests that Repugnus will utilize similar packaging as Arcee / Leinad / Ultra Magnus and Grotusque / Fengul / Scorponok. Though the Amazon U.S. listing uses the label “Titans Return“, one assumes that the actual product will have the current label “Power of the Primes“.
Thanks to Allsparker Thylacine 2000 for alerting us to this scoop.
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