Power of the Primes Inferno Gallery and Review!

Things are getting hotter in the Allspark Studios today, and that’s the way Power of the Primes Inferno likes it!  Will he not follow orders very well, or will he be too distracted by fights to get the job done?  Tune in after the break to find out!

G1 Inferno’s tech spec makes me laugh.  He scores a 6 on intelligence, which would make one think he is a little above getting distracted by a fight to do the job of fighting fires, which it specifically states is his duty.  I guess the job part makes sense, but I just can’t get over the idea of Inferno being this guy that is totally a hard worker until a fight breaks out, and then he’s all, “SQUIRREL…er, FIGHT”!  He’s officially the worst Autobot and the most hilarious at the same time.  His one-line Power of the Primes bio mentions that he is fearless, so I guess that part is a hold over, minus the attention deficit insanity.  I’m holding onto G1 Inferno in my spark chamber. 😀

Truck Mode
If you have Combiner Wars Hot Spot or Unite Warriors Hot Spot, you already have this toy, especially in truck mode. (Editor’s Note: Since my Combiner Wars Hot Spot was occupied at the time of the onset of this shoot, I will be comparing Inferno to the Unite Warriors version.)  Some of the changes to note are:

  • red plastic for the main plastic color
  • stickers in lieu of some paint ops
  • no paint on the headlights
  • yellow and silver emergency lights
  • no paint on the rims of the wheels
  • no paint on panels on the sides of the truck
  • silver paint on the base of the crane
  • no paint on the rails of the base of the crane
  • no paint on the bucket of the crane
  • red plastic above the cabin instead of black plastic

The missing paint and inclusion of super-thin stickers might make you think this toy doesn’t look so good, but that is not the case.  The bright red, which is some shade between the G1 and first Generations mold, looks amazing.  The stickers don’t really add or detract from the overall look, and the paint that is there is very appropriate.
Robot Mode
Power of the Primes Inferno’s robot mode has nicely slimmed up since the last time he appeared in Generations.  I wish I could do the same.  😀 This time around, he has a somewhat more heroic build, and the ability to lay his guns down instead of being permanently attached like on the previous mold.  When it comes to his twin, Hot Spot, here are the changes:

  • G1 Inferno head
  • black paint on the shoulders
  • yellow and black paint on the chest in a different layout
  • an Autobot sticker in the center of the chest panel
  • black biceps (would have been red if the same pattern as Hot Spot)
  • red elbows (would have been black if the same pattern as Hot Spot)
  • silver wrist guards (not colored on Hot Spot)
  • no paint on the “tubes” on the outer part of the forearm
  • no paint in the grooves on the forearms
  • no paint on the sides of the hips
  • decals on the hips
  • decals on the shins

Again, between the color changes and the new head, it is so unique when compared to Hot Spot that Inferno really doesn’t feel like a bad deal for a repaint/remold.  Honestly, I’m kinda hoping we get this mold as Fire Convoy/RID Prime, and the Onslaught mold as Armada Demolisher.  Come on, HasTak, we needs it!

Torso Mode
The layout on this figure includes:

  • a deco for the legs and the head on Inferno are an identical pattern
  • a centerpiece that only has three paint ops (red, silver and black)
  • chest pieces with almost a complete flip from Hot Shot’s deco, with grey paint on the lower area
  • stickers that may come badly placed and pre-peeled

As I look at Inferno in torso mode, he looks so much like Fire Chief from Guard City it’s not even funny. I almost want to make a custom one, every time I form this mode.

Overall Thoughts
I am very happy with Power of the Primes Inferno, in spite of it being a redeco/remold.  Overall, I would rate him an 8/10 for taking a familiar mold, reviving it with a nice deco, and great looking head sculpt.  If you use him in torso mode, you can Frankenstein yourself a nice Guard City, if you are looking to add some TF lore obscurity to your shelf.  I highly recommend him, so start checking the shelves of your local brick and mortar locations now!