Power of the Primes Cindersaur and Outback spotted at US retail!

With rumblings of the third wave of Power of the Primes deluxes beginning to appear at (mostly international) retail circulating, Transformers collectors may want to start keeping an eye out for the third wave of Legends class toys as well, as Cindersaur and Outback have been spotted in New York City!

According to a post by Allsparker NovaJoe83, he spotted and picked up both members of PotP’s final Legends class wave while shopping at one of Manhatten’s three Midtown Comics locations. As proof, he attached a photo of his two newest acquisitions along with a picture of his receipt.

While we can’t be sure what these two showing up at a specialty shop could mean for more traditional retail stores such as Target and Walmart, it’s still an exciting to know wave three is finally starting to get out there!
Once again, credit for the photo and the news goes to NoveJoe83 on the Allspark forums! If you have any sightings to report, you can share them in our toy pictures thread or in our Power of the Primes discussion thread! Be sure to check out the official Allspark Discord server as well!