POTP Counterpunch Figure Info Via Amazon

The U.S. Amazon site’s listing for the upcoming Power of the Primes Deluxe Class Punch-Counterpunch has been updated with new details on the figure itself!

We first discovered the existence of this figure via an Amazon Canada listing in February, and in May this listing went up on the main Amazon site.


  • Special Edition Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Figures
  • Deluxe Class Punch-Counterpunch figure converts between Autobot, Decepticon, and sports car modes
  • Punch-Counterpunch figure is designed to reflect the G1 release with 2 distinct robot modes and features premium details
  • Includes a special edition Prima Prime Master and comes in special edition packaging
  • Includes Deluxe Class Punch-Counterpunch figure, special edition Prima Prime Master figure, 2 accessories, and instructions. Ages 8 and up.
1987 Generation 1 package art for Punch-Counterpunch, for reference, courtesy of Botch the Crab

While it is not apparent which mold Punch-Counterpunch will utilize, or even if this figure is Combiner-compatible, it is clear that this Punch-Counterpunch will be a detailed modern recreation of the original 1987 Punch-Counterpunch. This figure including two robot modes strongly suggests a different mold being used than the TCC’s 2017 Counterpunch, who was a retool of Combiner Wars Breakdown/Sunstreaker/Wheeljack. This Punch-Counterpunch will also feature a high-grade deco similarly to Titans Return “Special Edition” Arcee and Grotusque. In addition, like the upcoming Repugnus, Punch-Counterpunch will include a Prime Master, in this case Prima, who has only previously been glimpsed on Predaking’s pack-in poster.
Thanks to Nevermore for alerting us to this scoop.
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