Machinimas Power of the Prime Episode 9 “Megatronus Unleashed” Is Online!

Machinimas Power of the Primes web series is nearing its momentous conclusion. The stakes are raised as Megatronus turns the full power of his fury on those who defy him and Unicron joins the battle via the possessed form of Rodimus in episode 9 “Megatronus Unleashed”.
After the events of last episode, it looks like Megatronus (voiced by the great Mark Hamil) has had enough of Megatron and his motley band of heroes getting in the way of the ancient Primes desire to resurrect the fallen Solus Prime. As if that wasn’t enough, Unicron has arrived in the upgraded form of Rodimus Cron and is intent on destroying the Matrix of Leadership!

As the final battle of gods begins, a new Prime is about to be chosen.

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