Kronoform Multi-Force 14 Retrospective

The world of Transformers that we know and love today weren’t just created out of thin air. Before Hasbro made their license agreement with Takara in the early 80’s to reuse some of the toys from the Diaclone and Microchange (or Microman) lines, Takara was producing those toys and distributing them in the United States and Europe. Some of those toys we even had as children, though we may not have known they were the for-bearers of Transformers.
And in some cases, the toys they made never became Transformers at all. Such is the case with the Kronoform Multi-Force figure. This was also known as the Diakron Gats Blocker figure.
Essentially, it was 14 little ships and vehicles that were manned by the Diaclone pilots that came with some of the early “pre” Transformers in Japan. There were also a few released in the US prior to the Transformers line’s debut.
Below is a video that gives a bit of a retrospective on this toy as well as a detailed look at what it included and how it worked.

Below are a few screenshots from the video.

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