Ken Christiansen shares concept art for Power of the Primes Elita-1

Via his Facebook page, Hasbro concept artist Ken Christiansen has shared a look at the work he did on Power of the Primes Voyager class Elita-1! And as interesting as that is, what’s even more interesting is what this concept art doesn’t show…
As a retool of the Power of the Primes Starscream figure, PotP Elita-1 obviously shares some parts in common with that figure while also including plenty of her own to make her visually stand out. What’s interesting about this concept art though is… that those shared parts are more or less excluded from the diagram! Only the parts new to Elita are drawn in detail here, with everything else rendered in a simple outline. This would imply that the figure was designed as Starscream first with Elita coming later. Given the fame and popularity that the Decepticon Seeker enjoys it isn’t much of a surprise that Hasbro would design a toy for him before the relatively obscure Elita-1, but this glimpse into the design process is still fascinating!

While in his post Mr. Christiansen mentions that he managed to pick up an Elita-1 at Target recently, many other US-based Transformers collectors have had a hard time finding her and her fellow Wave 2 Power of the Primes toys at retail. Luckily though, Hasbro recently mentioned on their official Transformers Facebook page that they’re planning to distribute more of Wave 2 this summer. Hopefully this means more people will get to see the differences between PotP Starscream and Elita-1 for themselves rather than having to rely on this concept art!
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