Jazz Makes Forged to Fight Cooler

The official website for the mobile game Transformers: Forged to Fight has released a full-body image and statistics for Generation 1 Jazz, who will start being available to players Thursday 7 June 2018 at 10 a.m. PDT.

About Autobot Jazz:

Faction: Autobot
Class: Scout
One of Optimus’ closest advisers, Autobot Jazz is the bot to go to if a creative solution is needed. Autobot Jazz is well-versed in the pop-culture trends of the Earthlings and is likely to get distracted dancing to a catchy beat and break out the local slang.

Stats and Abilities:


  • Health: 1575
  • Attack: 175
  • Max Rating: 561


  • Health: 3866
  • Attack: 369
  • Max Rating: 1304


  • Health: 10048
  • Attack: 959
  • Max Rating: 3519

Basic Abilities: Confusion, Evade, Critical Rate

Heavy Attack

  • 100% Chance to Confuse the opponent, lowering their Attack Rating by 12~20% and increasing the chance they will use a Special Attack for 6 seconds or until their next Special Attack ends. When The opponent is hit by this attack, If they are not already Confused, they do not build power.

Dodging Special Attacks

  • If Autobot Jazz avoids being hit by the first hit of a Special Attack, he gains an Evasion Buff, granting him a 36~44% chance to Evade attacks for 6 seconds.

Combo Meter

  • Every 5 hits on the Combo Meter, Autobot Jazz gains a Critical Rate Buff, increasing Critical Chance by 5~7% until he is next hit.

Critical Hits

  • Critical Hits have +20% Critical Damage against Stunned opponents.

Signature Ability – Exhaustion

Sometimes it’s worth letting a Confused opponent tire themselves out.

  • While Confused, opponents have a 100% chance to lose 1.5~6% of their Current Power for each missed attack. If the opponent slips down to a lower Bar of Power they are Stunned for 1 second.

Special Attacks:

Special 1 – Windmill
Autobot Jazz sets his plans in motion.

  • Each hit against a Confused opponent has a 20% chance to Stun the opponent for 3 seconds.

Special 2 – Dazzling Display
Confusion abounds.

  • 100% Chance to Confuse the opponent, lowering their Attack Rating by 12~20% and increasing the chance they will use a Special Attack for 6 seconds or until their next Special Attack ends.
  • Disables the opponent’s Special Attack 3 for as long as they are Confused.

Special 3 – Grapple and Groove
Overwhelming force, with style.

  • Inflicts a permanent Backfire Debuff, inflicting 100% of Attack as instant Shock damage when the opponent next activates a Special Attack. This Backfire is not removed when the opponent uses a Special Attack.

Synergy Bonuses:

Outgoing – Lieutenants – Optimus Prime

  • Optimus gains 2~8% Attack and Armor and his Lieutenants gain unique abilities.

Incoming (Autobot Jazz) – Lieutenants  – Optimus Prime

  • Each time Autobot Jazz avoids all hits in an opponent’s Special Attack he gains an Attack Buff, increasing his Attack Rating by 2~8% for the remainder of the fight.

Incoming (Prowl) – Lieutenants  – Optimus Prime

  • If Prowl Drains the opponent’s Power to 0% of their Max Power, he has a 10~40% chance to Stun the opponent for 2.5 seconds.

Mutual – Allies – Ratchet, Grimlock

  • +2~8% Armor.

Mutual – Enemies – Megatron, Shockwave, Bludgeon

  • +2~8% Attack.

Strong Match-ups:

  • Soundwave: Soundwave has to connect with his second Special Attack, but Autobot Jazz will ensure that moment comes at a time of this speedy scout’s choosing.
  • Mixmaster: Mixmaster is reliant on his Special Attacks to do a majority of his damage, a skilled Autobot Jazz player could easily ensure this Demo bot never sees his third Special Attack.

Weak Match-ups:

  • Drift: Autobot Jazz likes to Evade, he lives to Evade a lot. Drift’s focus prevents Evasion, a lot of Evasion.
  • Ramjet: Autobot Jazz enjoys seeing his opponents Stunned, but Ramjet can ignore Stuns while he has a lot of Momentum.

Recommended Modules for Autobot Jazz:

Scout’s Sentry

  • Jazz can easily Power Drain his opponent when both his Signature Ability and the Scout’s Sentry are draining their power.

Strange Refractor

  • When the opponent Stuns themselves, that’s when Jazz deals the most damage.

Interestingly, despite the game consistently using recent figures and movie CGI models in general for its characters, Forged to Fight Jazz is modeled on the “third party” figure Coolsville from ToyWorld. For more information on Coolsville, see site sponsors BBTS and TFSource.

Thanks to Allsparker Verity Carlo for alerting us to this scoop.
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