James Eatock shows off early Transformers G1 model sheets on Instagram

Transformers fan James Eatock, who previously acquired a batch of preproduction art from the original The Transformers cartoon and comic, has been posting some of it on his Instagram account.
The art includes several fascinating elements that never made it to the screen, from a blue-and-red Ravage to a more closely toy-based Rumble (or is it Frenzy?) with yellow accents – and, perhaps most notably, the legendary “blue Bluestreak”, sporting some nifty green forearms!

On a more unexpected front is an early Mirage model that sports and entirely unique head design, one seemingly never used anywhere else. James also shows off a sketch for a promotional image depicting a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

With more images surely to come from this treasure trove, you can keep updated either on James’s Instagram account or in our thread on the Allspark forums, where Allspark user D.M has been posting links to updates. Join in on the discussion in that thread, or have your say in our Discord server!



Jo, aka "Broadside", had her first experience with Transformers watching Transformers: Cybertron on CITV, but only really got involved in the fandom through the IDW comics. When not posting on the Allspark, she can sometimes be found contributing to the Transformers and IDW Hasbro wikis... sometimes.