iTunes Preview: Lost Light #18

Via iTunes, we have the three-page preview for The Transformers: Lost Light #18, out next week on 13th June. Read on to check it out!

After reading the preview below, head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss it with other fans. It’s been a long wait between issues, are you excited for “The Everlasting Voices” to be completed at long last?
The Transformers: Lost Light #18
Written by James Roberts, Line-Art by Jack Lawrence, Colors by Joana Lafuente

LIGHTS OUT! The “Everlasting Voices” trilogy concludes with an explosion of hope, a grave betrayal… and more answers than you can handle! Events of the last six years build to a frenzy of revelations, casting everything that’s gone before in a new—and deadly—light. No exaggeration, no hyperbole: there has never been a more important issue of Lost Light.