Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School—New One-shot Comic From Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios has announced a special one-shot comic called Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School.
As reported by ICv2.com, the comic will feature the heroes leaving school on a week long vacation, the first break they’ve had since becoming rangers.

Written by Marguerite Bennett and with art by Jim Towe (Youngblood), Derek Charm (Star Wars: Adventures, Powerpuff Girls), Jordan Gibson (The Amazing Spider-Man), Xiao Tong Kong (Adventure Time Comics) and Ilaria Catalani (Rugrats: R is for Reptar), the story will see each of the team members separate and embark on their own adventures. With a different perspective on the world, they’ll now encounter situations where they don’t need to morph to save the day. The main issue cover is drawn by Dan Mora, with two incentive covers available with art by Gurihiru and Jonboy Meyers.
The 40-page 1-shot has an MSRP of $7.99.

Check out all three covers below!



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