Gnaw Event Coming Back To Earth Wars This Weekend and More!

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is a 60 Prestige Alliance event to earn Gnaw Crystals! Plus two new Bots coming to Earth Wars and more!

This weekend will be another 60 prestige Alliance GNAW event where you earn Gnaw Crystals! Due to the increase in Points per zone, these prestige will now be 7000 point prestige instead of the normal 6000. Check out the points per zone and prizes below:

No definitive timeline on when, but Earth Wars are getting two new bots soon! The Autobots will be getting Inferno, based on his G1 design rather than his newly released Power of the Primes design. Meanwhile the Decepticons will be getting Rodimus Unicronus, the Shattered Glass inspired repaint of Rodimus Prime that was released earlier this year in the Power of the Primes line. Check out some concept art of the two of them below:

Finally, Earth Wars will now be allowing oppssing factions to get Bot specific cores from the other faction. Check out their press release below:

Bot Specific Power Cores
Towards the end of last year, we introduced bot specific power cores such as Grimlock’s Crown or the Battle-hardened Megatron core. Those have always been faction bound, so if you are playing on the side of the Autobots, even if you owned Lugnut, you would not be able to receive Lugnut’s Mace as a power core.
With that introduction it is not hard to guess what change is coming!
It took a bit of tinkering but with the start of the event A Thousand Suns, bot specific power cores will be available to the opposite faction of what you are playing on. Same rules apply, they can only drop from duplicates of the respective bot.

Do you need to join an Alliance to participate in the event this weekend?  Let us know in our Earth Wars thread or on our Discord Server!