First Peek at Takara’s Masterpiece Optimus Prime 3.0?

TakaraTomy has recently been teasing a new iteration of their Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure, this time aligning itself even more closely with the Sunbow cartoon character model! And at the Takara’s stage presentation at the Tokyo Toy Show, we get our first peeks at the new Optimus Prime!!

As these first looks reveal, the third G1 Optimus Prime Masterpiece figure hedges ever closer to parity with the Sunbow Cartoon. It’s been a design goal for TakaraTomy’s masterpiece line for a little while now, and MP-10 was well before they made a hard push for it. Of note is that a trailer will also be released with the figure. We’ve got a small number of pics of the toy’s reveal from Weibo user TOYPLUS-玩聚物语, as well as a few others we were able to gather.

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