DNA Designs Shows Off DK-08 Upgrade Kit Prototype For Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus

DNA Designs has posted up a photo gallery on their facebook page showing off a grey prototype of their upcoming DK-08 upgrade kit for the Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimal Optimus. Giving the boss monkey some much needed extra weapons and an extra alternate mode!
DNA Designs, known for their previously released upgrade kits for combiners (Devastator) and titans (Metroplex/Fortress Maximus), as well as an upcoming kit for the Studio Series Leader Grimlock, have posted up a pretty comprehensive gallery showing off what they have planned for the Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus. While it appears to be primarily designed to give the new figure the originals fourth, ground-based alternate mode, via the addition of new double-wheels attached to the legs and a large central wheel up front. That’s not all it does.

The DK-08 upgrade kit consists of the new double wheel leg attachments, a front wheel piece, a pair of replacement (and substantially larger) arm wings, a pair of large blasters for Optimal Optimus to wield and a pair of swords based on Optimus Primals iconic weapons for the smaller Primal figure. So this set will enhance every part of the Optimal Optimus figure.
Prreorders are up now at site sponsor TFsource and BBTS, priced at about $24.99 and slated for an August release date.
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