And The Identity Of The Bumblebee Movie Jet Transformer Is?

The mystery is over! The identity of the surprisingly Seeker-esque red and grey Decepticon jet Transformer, soon to be causing trouble for Bumblebee in his upcoming film, has been confirmed by a recently post on Viacoms website.

When the Bumblebee movie trailer landed, it brought with a new look, new tone and some very interesting redesigned looks for our favourite transforming alien robots. Bumblebee and the others bots in the film are now sporting new looks that seem to mesh the original movie aesthetic with a closer link to their Generstion 1 roots. As soon as he appeared on the scene, the unnamed Decepticon jet transformed into a surprisingly familiar-looking robot mode.

Speculation has been high as to who this jet former is going to be. Ramjet, Starscream, another Seeker, a completely new character? Well then, Paramounts parent company Viacom, has posted a brief summary of the upcoming film.

Before The Last Knight or the Age of Extinction, before Decepticons started levelling American cities and destroying military bases, a Volkswagen Beetle sits forgotten in a California junkyard. It’s been neglected enough that a honeycomb of bees buzzes beneath its wheel well. Seventeen-year old Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) takes it home.

Which finally confirms the identify of the jet.

But things get hectic. The military lurks. So does dread Deception Starscream. Charlie gets banged up. Helicopters fall from the sky.

So then, our favourite resident (sometimes treacherous) second-in-command is definitely going to be menacing Bee and Charlie.
The Bumblebee movie, directed by Oscar-nominated Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) and written by Christina Hodson, promises to wrap up the robot action in a story deeply informed by the whole history of the Transformers. As Travis Knight himself says.

I wanted to return to the essence of what made the Transformers franchise right from the beginning: character, emotion, spectacle.

Set to release on December 21, 2018
To see the full article, follow this link to the Viacoms website.

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