10K Solo Event Coming To Earth Wars this Weekend and More!

This weekend’s event for Transformers: Earth Wars, called Going Solo, is a 10K solo event, where you can win a 2 star Crystal, both 3 and 4 star shards, even more resources, and a Solus Prime core avatar!

Check out the Event information from Space Ape below:

In addition to the event news, Space Ape has announced that two of the Dinobots will be getting their original names again!

This is not the first time a bot has had a name change, as Hotrod was originally introduced to the game as Rodimus before it was change prior to Rodimus Prime being introduced to the game. Could this mean that we might see a certain Technobot flyer soon? Stay tuned for more details as they emerge!
Are you getting enough shards this weekend for a New Bot or Con? Are you excited about the new Prime Core avatar this weekend? Are you relieved to stop calling Swoop “Strafe”?  Let us know in our Earth Wars thread or on our Discord Server!