The Spark in Review: May 23, 2018

The Spark in Review is a rundown of the week’s news at Allspark in abridged form with funny voices. This week, Power of the Primes Predaking demonstrates the true power of the Primes (or maybe just renders of the missing three), there definitely won’t be a new Transformers film installment in 2019, and the Autobots are recruiting human children again.
Toy News and Reveals:
Power of the Primes Predaking has been making news this week, appearing in stock and in-hand images, and also revealing, through a pack-in poster, the three as yet missing Prime Master sparks to complete the twelve. Perhaps revealing less about any particular toy, a new Leaked from Cybertron video for Studio Series Jazz, in the style of past Designer’s Desk videos, reveals some highlights of the new figure in contrast to the 2007 toy.
Meanwhile, a few previously  nebulous exclusives have begun to solidify. The rumored Walmart exclusive G1 Hot Rod reissue has appeared on, while stock photos have been released for the Walgreens exclusive Power of the Primes Wreck-Gar. On the TakaraTomy side, the Transformers X Street Fighter figures have been opened for a new round of preorders on TakaraTomy Mall, and the first orders will begin shipping tomorrow! 

We’ve launched galleries and reviews for Studio Series Leader Grimlock and, as a fun retro choice, BotCon ‘97 Packrat.
Finally, it’s not an exciting reveal, but might be a tempting opportunity: Ollie’s is back in Transformers news, this time with Titans Return Deluxes appearing at $7.99 each.
Outside Transformers news, Hasbro has been brought on as a toy license partner for Overwatch, with Nerf blasters themed after the game’s distinctive hardware and other unspecified items in the works.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
In comics, IDW have released their shipping list for May 30 and solicitations for August, as well as iTunes previews for Optimus Prime #19 and the double-size one-shot Requiem of the Wreckers. The cover to the upcoming Bumblebee movie prequel by John Barber also surfaced, revealing a noir spy theme and an unexpected look for Bumblebee.
In movies and TV, we’ve heard it from Hasbro, but Paramount has now confirmed it: “Transformers 7” has been removed from Paramount’s 2019 release calendar. Meanwhile, Hasbro released another promotional image from the upcoming Cyberverse that looks to be a final animation frame, alongside an explanation of their current unified plans for the Transformers brand as a whole.

Machinima’s Power of the Primes has released Episode 4, “Primal”, with a couple of its plot points revealed in advance in a short video about their universe’s version of the Requiem Blaster.
Outside the Transformers sphere, two other 1980s toy shows are preparing for a relaunch: Cartoon Network revealed the ThunderCats Roar comedy series, briefly exploding the internet, while Netflix released details on a He-Man-free She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.
In gaming, Transformers: Earth Wars has released event details for this weekend, including an unspecified second-anniversary bonus gift.
Fandom and Events in 1:1 Scale:
It’s been a big week for life-size humans and Transformers alike. A life-size Constructicon Long Haul has shown up in Oregon – where else? – while a Transformers wedding, and some children who have mastered the art of transformation, let humans get in on the action. Meanwhile, another one of those collectors made it into the news with a 2000-item-strong collection.
Regular Items:
The Action and Adventure Podcast has released Episode 22, so come join Daniel and Callum in a roundup of the latest goings on in the IDW Hasbro universe. You can also check out last week’s Allspark Art Showcase for a bit of lovely toy-based lineart and come back tomorrow for another round, or see last week’s Spark in Review.
If you see some awesome news this week we haven’t covered, let us know on the Allspark Forums or our Discord server!