The Spark in Review: May 18, 2018

The Spark in Review is a connectable and stackable version of the week’s news at Allspark. This week, rumors about War for Cybertron have opened speculation about newly refactored price points, Snake Eyes may be getting a movie, and stock photos were released for the upcoming Masterpiece Cordon.

This elbow factory will be MINE, Optimus Prime!
Toy News and Reveals:
The big news this week in Transformers toys came from the mysterious leaker catz, to whom all your base are belong. In two separate rounds, information about the upcoming Generations: War for Cybertron line and future Studio Series releases was leaked, revealing new Generations price points as well as the price point spread and waves for 2019, though no character names as yet. The leak also confirms that Studio Series will not only continue but expand for its 2019 offerings. 
Meanwhile, upcoming Cyberverse Megatron was shown in a “pretengineering” piece on Instagram, illustrating the imagined mechanics of Transformers robot designs, and stock photos appeared for the Cyberverse Ultimate class Optimus Prime and Megatron.
Back in the present, we’ve launched galleries and reviews for Legends LG-65 and LG-66 Topspin and Twin Twist. Meanwhile, stock photos surfaced for Power of the Primes Outback and Cindersaur, while TakaraTomy released its first stock photos for as yet unreleased characters including Skrapnel, Novastar, and others. And in movie toys, The Last Knight Deluxe Hot Rod and Universal Studios Snarl each appeared in unexpected places.
Since appearing at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018, Masterpiece Cordon was finally acknowledged with official stock photostwice, and a few more photos from the show turned up of Masterpiece Dinobot and Megatron. 
Finally, while it’s not a $50 Trypticon, Hasbro Toy Shop is treating customers to free shipping all weekend.

NA localization rumored to include parachutes and jelly donuts.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
IDW released their comics shipping list for Wednesday. Meanwhile, Boom! have revealed that the Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic will be building this summer to a conclusion in August that promises to change things up for the Rangers. 
In film news, Hasbro have revealed plans for a Snake-Eyes G.I. Joe spinoff movie, though it’s not clear how this revelation or the movie it concerns fits into the troubled Joe film franchise, or into Hasbro’s further aspirations at a  shared cinematic universe for its non-Transformers properties, including (much as IDW’s comic universe has) characters like Rom, the Micronauts, and M.A.S.K.
In games, Transformers: Earth Wars have revealed this weekend’s event details. Outside Transformers, Nintendo and Shonen Jump have partnered to release a special edition of the Famicom Classic loaded with classic Shonen-Jump-derived games, including Dragon Ball and Fist of the North Star.

Like fake chest windows but in reverse really.
1:1 Scale News and Events:
The Gold Rush Rally 2018, part super-high-end car show, part long-distance rally, will include a Team Autobots custom McLaren among the custom supercar entrants at the high-end event in August, and the creators have shared images of the Optimus-Prime-wrapped car. Meanwhile, CybFest NW has been announced for 2018, also in August, in Kent, Washington, a convention opportunity we can recommend for fans in the area.
Regular Items:
Check out last week’s Allspark Art showcase for a pair of Studio Series touchups, and come back tomorrow for the next installment! If you’re feeling nostalgic for last week’s news, you can also see last Friday’s Spark in Review.