The Spark in Review: May 11, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark in a convenient, collectable 6” size. This week, Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron. There’s also Masterpiece Diaclone Police Sunstreaker, a possible Walmart exclusive Hot Rod reissue, and Forged to Fight Cheetor, we guess. But mostly that Megatron.

Odds are good you’ve seen this image already, but darn it, you’re seeing it again.
Toy News and Reveals:
The big news this week was all in the world of TakaraTomy’s Masterpiece lineup. First, rumors and preorders materialized for a Masterpiece Cordon, a Diaclone-based police deco version of MP-39 Sunstreaker. But when he appeared at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018, he wasn’t alone; not only was Cordon just one of three retools shown, alongside a new toy-oriented Shockwave and Megatron, they were joined by the wholly new, entirely huge MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron in preproduction form, who keeps on brand with the Beast Wars Masterpiece lineup so far in obsessive accuracy to the animation model and an unshakeable commitment to scale. Shockwave then further appeared at TFSource and other retailers in an extensive gallery, billed as an “anime version” like prior MP + releases. It’s a diverse slate of releases to see revealed all at once for the Masterpiece line.
In Studio Series, transformation videos appeared for Megatron and Brawl, the Voyager tanks set to release in Studio Series’ next wave. DNA Design also released an upgrade kit for the recently released Studio Series Grimlock to squeeze just a bit more screen accuracy and functionality out of the big beast.
Power of the Primes is trundling along apace without major new reveals and War for Cybertron half a year away, but a new box set of the combining Dinobots appeared as an Asia exclusive item, and further listings for upcoming Generations toys of Repugnus and Counterpunch showed up on Amazon, who may be joining Nemesis Prime (and possibly Wreck Gar) as Power of the Primes exclusives outside of the known mass-retail lineup.

We’ve had a GV and a V2. Will this be Battle Buffalo G2?
One more unexpected exclusive seems to be a Walmart exclusive G1 Hot Rod reissue, the first reissue of the G1 toy to actually bear his name. In some kind of strange anniversary, this figure would launch after roughly the same interval from the previous 2002 reissue as that between the 2002 Commemorative Series Rodimus Major himself and the original.
In Russian McDonald’s news, a set of Transformers Happy Meal toys was revealed that may represent upcoming Cyberverse characters, or more likely the Authentics designs that the Cyberverse characters were based on in turn.
In two more pieces of giant news about giant robots, a series of new reveals for the Diaclone revival line showed up alongside the new TakaraTomy MPs at Shizuoka Hobby Show, including a revised Battle Buffalo and a variety of powered suit items; meanwhile, Bandai revealed a Super Minipla classic Voltron that offers a complete transforming set as a 7” figure kit.

Next stop, Unicron; then, off to the Hasbro Cinematic Universe!
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
In comics, we memorialized the 34th anniversary on Tuesday of the Marvel comic and, by extension, Transformers fiction, while ComiXology launched the Shadow of Unicron sale to prepare readers for the coming conclusion of the last decade-and-change’s chapter of the story.
IDW released the full five-page preview of Rom & the Micronauts #5, released Wednesday, and we launched a spoiler-free review of the miniseries it concludes.
In the moving kind of robot pictures, Boulder Media is hiring again and released an interview to discuss some of their past and present work, briefly touching on the robots in disguise and the ponies in pastels. Another interview intersected briefly into our plane of the multiverse when Samoa Joe commented in a much longer piece on his role in Machinima’s Power of the Primes.

More polygons than the actual animation model.
To leave that plane entirely for a couple of items, SYFY revealed their summer schedule including more 12 Monkeys, Wynnona Earp, and Killjoys, and a new Sharknado movie and series. That’s right: by this summer’s end, Sharknado will have achieved six movies and a season. Meanwhile, Rick & Morty has been renewed for 70 more episodes.
In Transformers gaming news, Cheetor appeared in Forged to Fight in a design based on his Transmetal form from Beast Wars’ second season. Separately, Space Ape Games revealed this weekend’s event along with information on two upcoming bots, the Autobot Tracks and the Terrorcon Cutthroat.
Regular Items:
Our Allspark Art Showcase pick for last week was by Shawn Tessmann, a Titans Return incarnation of Cybertron Sideways and a beautifully clean execution of a clever concept. Stick around for tomorrow’s entry!
If you want to remember what the world was like before Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron was in it, check out last week’s Spark in Review.
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