The Great Ollie’s $49.99 Trypticon Run

The rush to beat the scalpers as Ollie’s set out their cases and opened their doors this morning for the $49.99 Trypticon has become something of an event. There have been reports of lines at Ollie’s locations and plenty of stores that have already been cleaned out, but there may be Trypticons still hiding out in some locations.

The video and tweet below, respectively by site owner Greg and Allspark member and emeritus staffer NightViper, each show off an impressive pile of citybot dinosaur goodness and that incredible price tag. In all likelihood, each of the piles pictured no longer exists. Staff member Tony reports that his local Ollie’s sold out in fifteen minutes.
The sale seems limited to three per customer, which sounds like a suggestion for troop-building, a suggestion a few users have been at least considering in our discussion thread.
The sale is similar to last year’s Fortress Maximus sale and unrelated to the mistaken label that appeared on Reddit recently for a $12.99 Trypticon, also at discount retailer Ollie’s.
Did you make the run this morning, or are you still hoping to find one at your own store? Come discuss your results in this adventure and see those of others in our Titans Return thread on the Allspark Forums or shout out on our Discord server.