Studio Series 07 Grimlock Gallery and Review!

Freed from his confines and unleashed into the Allspark Studios today is Studio Series Grimlock!  Will this wild card destroy everything around him, or will he end up giving piggy back rides at the next Cybertronian State Fair?  Tune in after the jump to find out!

After 5 films, I’m kind of tired of the Bay movie aesthetic.  I barely display any of the myriad of figures from those toylines anymore.  I had also SWORN I was never going to buy another toy done in that style again.  But then, the interwebs happened.  People started posting customs of Stinger as Knock Out, and custom painted Grimlock figures, and Grimlock alongside The Last Knight Scorn, and I finally caved.  Grimlock looked better than I imagined he ever could, and he was so close to the actual movie design that I decided to take a chance.  Let’s see if it was worth it.

Grimlock Beast Mode
Beast mode is primarily what I bought this figure for in the first place, so it was really going to have to knock things out of the park.  I think it comes close but does not quite get over the fence.  Articulation is decent in the legs, but the knees are a little awkward.  They don’t quite lock in a way that allows them to pose well, and when they aren’t locked, the stability is not there.  Beyond the legs, there is not much in the way of articulation.  The tail and head can rotate at the same joint that forms the shoulders, but there is nothing beyond that.  That being said, he can do all the typical T-rex poses, and you can even pose The Last Knight Prime on him to replicate that scene from the movie.  That is how the two will remain on my shelf.  😉

The sculpt on Studio Series Grimlock is amazing.  The details are crisp and the brushed paint really makes it look like this could be a movie model come to life.  There are issues with the gaps in the neck and the tail, but I am sure the upcoming upgrade kit from DNA Design will completely rectify this problem.  Even without it, the wicked looking T-rex with the giant metal shards for teeth is not a purchase I regret.

Grimlock Transformation
I am going to keep it short and say that his transformation is challenging enough to be fun, but not overly complicated.  The hips are a bit tricky, but once you figure it out, you are golden.  He might give young kids a challenge, so be aware if you are purchasing this for a younger fan.
Grimlock Robot Mode
Grimlock’s robot mode is also an impressive looking figure with a few minor issues.  He looks like he stepped out of the film, so right out of the gate, if you just want a display piece, this mold is amazing in both modes.  Despite the phenomenal looks, the figure does have its limitations:

  • the legs have some restriction in the articulation at the hips, due partially to the skirt
  • the waist looks a little “off” when you rotate it too far…like the body is disconnected
  • the arms are curved in a strange way…I get why they did it, but it looks weird
  • the head articulation is not as good as I would have hoped

These are not reasons to skip this figure.  He looks great and poses well, in spite of the limitations to his movement.  All of the positives outweigh the negatives.

I highly recommend Studio Series Grimlock, and give him an 8/10.  He is way better than I imagined he could be.  While he has some minor issues with articulation and a few gaps that break up the sculpt in beast mode, he looks like a force to be reckoned with on the shelf, and he can support AOE Optimus Prime on his back well enough to be stable for long periods of time.  With an upcoming kit from DNA Design “fleshing out” the neck and the tail, as well as improving the robot hands and his weapons, I think this Grimlock is a must have.