Spoiler-Free Review: Rom & The Micronauts #5

Rom & The Micronauts concludes today with issue #5, bringing the action-packed team-up finale to a close! Read on for our spoiler-free review and thoughts on the series overall!

Rom & The Micronauts #5

Writer: Christos Gage, Line-Artist: Paolo Villanelli, Colorist: Alessandra Alexakis

When Rom & The Micronauts was first announced, I was sceptical. Rom had been one of the most consistent titles in the Hasbro Universe line, and – unlike Cullen Bunn’s Micronauts run, which concluded prior to the First Strike event – the Space Knight had yet to complete his long-term storyline surrounding the Dire Wraith god known as the Presence. This relaunch, I feared, could easily derail and distract from the Rom story.
In practice, nothing has been further from the truth! Rom & The Micronauts has reinvigorated the adventures of the greatest knight of the Solstar Order, crafting a tightly-plotted adventure that expertly balances action and character. Returning Rom writer Christos Gage has bounced the two casts off each other in clever ways, informed by their existing natures and personalities. And fellow Rom alums Paolo Villanelli and Alessandra Alexakis have delivered excellent art in everything from cosmic battle scenes to quiet character moments.
Issue #5 does what all final issues need to do, and sticks the landing! As Rom and the Micronauts face their final battle with the ever-charismatic Baron Karza and D’rge, the creative team maintains the high standard that this mini-series has set, for a finale that’s both action-packed and emotional, whilst also rewarding long-time readers of both Rom and Micronauts. The long-running storyline surrounding the coming of the Dire Wraith goddess known as the Presence – begun two years ago in the pages of Rom – is brought to a bombastic conclusion, and writer Christos Gage even brings some additional closure to the entropy storm arc from the pages of Micronauts. With the Unicron mini-series nearly upon us, this will likely be the cast’s final significant outing, but Rom & The Micronauts #5 is careful not quite tie everything off in a perfect bow – the adventure continues!

Overall, Rom & The Micronauts has been a wild ride, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. At the very least, anybody who read the original Rom ongoing through to #14 should pick up this series, in order to see the saga of the Presence brought to a close. And it’s also an easy series to recommend to newcomers, serving as a well-paced, self-contained adventure. The Micronauts and Rom First Strike one-shots also form a two-part prologue to the story, and come highly recommended as a primer to the characters for first-time readers.
Chronologically, Rom’s story continues in The Transformers: Unicron #0, released last weekend on Free Comic Book Day. Be sure to check out that issue if you haven’t already!