Russian McDonalds Ad Reveals New Cyberverse(?) Happy Meal Toys

A Russian McDonald’s has posted an advertisement revealing new My Little Pony and Transformers-themed Happy Meal toys! While the MLP figurines are based on the current “Cutie Mark Crew” sub-line, the Transformers figures – Funko POP!-esque figurines with oversized heads – all use the “evergreen” designs used in the upcoming Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon.
Notably, this is the first toy we’ve seen of Windblade’s “evergreen” design – something of an oddity, as she’s supposed to be one of the cartoon’s main characters!

The toys also seem to have action features, with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime wielding what look like chunky missile launchers. (And, yes, there’s two Bumblebees, because of course there is.)
Thanks to My Little Pony fansite MLP Merch for revealing this, and Allpark forum user Ikkad for letting us know about it. Discuss the news in our merchandise discussion thread on the Allspark forums, or jump into our Discord server to chat about it!