Rumors and Preorders for Masterpiece Cordon, Masterpiece Sunstreaker Diaclone Redeco

In a Facebook post regarding TakaraTomy’s October 2018 releases, Planet Iacon revealed that the next Transformers Masterpiece figure, following July’s MP-41 Dinobot, will be a Diaclone themed redeco of MP-39 Sunsteaker. Site sponsor TFSource have revealed the new character to be named “Cordon”, all but confirming that it will be the Diaclone police deco, and opened preorders!
Not to be confused with Red Alert or Clampdown, both based on the Sideswipe mold, the new figure references the Sunstreaker mold’s early gig as a police vehicle in Diaclone before his memorable yellow paint job. Cordon isn’t the first Masterpiece redeco to call to color schemes previously only released in Diaclone’s Car Robots lineup, joining Tigertrack, Road Rage, and Exhaust.
A bit of history: The supercharged Lamborghini that would eventually become Sunstreaker appeared first in the Microman line as the ‘Cosmo Countach’, before being redesigned with a new robot form for the Diaclone line as the Lamborghini LP500S “Super Tuning” in both red and police decos. It was released alongside the unmodified, yellow Lamborghini robot that would later end up as the red Autobot Sideswipe. While the police version never appeared in North America, the red version did see a brief release as the Diakron DK-1 Car Robot in 1983, shortly before the line’s rebranding as The Transformers.
After MP-42 was confirmed as a Sunstreaker repaint, speculation began about which of the two Diaclone decos might be used. Sharp eyed users noticed the katakana コルドン accompanying MP-42s listing, which transliterates as “Korudon”, or “Cordon”, a police-themed name hinting at the Diaclone Police Type deco. If so, this could make for a nice companion piece to go with MP-14C Clamp Down (the Police themed redeco of Masterpiece Red Alert).
Site sponsors TFSource and now BigBadToyStore have now listed the release as MP-42 Cordon, no transliteration required, and slated for October release. Both listings are priced at $139.99, matching the higher (compared to mold mate Sunstreaker) listed price in the TakaraTomy listing (¥15,000 rather than ¥12,000).
For an idea of what MP-42 could look like, check out these images of the original (and more) from Transformers One, from which we’ve borrowed our banner image above. (Final product may vary in colors, size, and identity.)

Thanks to our own rare original deco Powered Convoy for breaking the news.
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Credit: Ian