Rumor Roundup for Upcoming War For Cybertron, Studio Series, and Movie Masterpiece Figures!

Fresh off an overwhelming week of Masterpiece-related developments come some rumors from a familiar and reliable source catz, which include details on the highly anticipated War for Cybertron line, along with Studio Series and Movie Masterpiece! Continue reading to learn more!

  • The War for Cybertron toyline will see new “Micromaster” and “Battle Master” price points. A “blind box” price point is also mentioned but unnamed. The Deluxe through Leader pricepoint will return as well.
  • The Bumblebee movie toyline is currently mostly populated by Tiny Turbo Changers,  Titan Changers, masks, and new main feature Energon Igniters.
  • Studio Series will grow, with “more characters” than the current lineup (more than two Leaders, more than two Voyagers, more than five Deluxes). However, it’s unknown how many of these will be all-new molds.
  • Movie Masterpiece will continue with one figure each from the first two movies.

Credit to catz of TFW2005. Jump into our discussion (and sign up for an account if you haven’t already) on the Allspark forums or join the chat on our Discord server.