RobotKingdom Listing Preorders for a Walmart Exclusive Reissue of G1 Hot Rod!

A recent listing on RobotKingdom has popped up for a Walmart exclusive reissue of G1 Autobot Hot Rod. This once and (sometimes) future Prime has, due to trademark loss, been known as everything from Rodimus Major, to Rodimus Minor, to just plain Rodimus. But now the Autobot Cavalier and “turbo-revving young punk” returns under his own name.
The Robotkingdom listing shows a price of $35.99, with a release date for the 1st of June. Also, the boxart and figure images are stated to be for “reference only” and subject to change. So speculation is rife as to what kind of Hot Rod reissue this figure could be. Original, Targetmaster, or even the 1986 prototypes hot pink deco? Is this a revival of the old Commemorative Series? A platinum Edition release? Or the start of a new line of reissues?
Or could it be, as a Twitter post by Valkysas suggests, not simply a placeholder image. As the tweet shows and explains, Hot Rod is seemingly held in the box by plastic ties. A decidedly modern style of packaging for such a retro G1 box. Should this be true, then reissue Hot Rod is getting the full treatment, G1 faithful box and all.
All will be revealed in a few weeks time. Until then, check the promo image below. As of this writing, Walmart itself has no preorder listing for Hot Rod.

Thanks to Allspark old-timer Powered Convoy for finding the listing.
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