Random Guy From Cheshire Thinks His Transformers Collection is Better Than Yours

Think you’ve got a lot of TF stuff? Well you’re probably no Louis Georgoui! Is his collection of Transformers toys and memorabilia the largest in the world? Spoilers: it’s probably hard to confirm!
Georgoui started collecting in 2011 (2011!!!) after picking up some toys for his young son. That purchase sparked a wave of nostalgia that Georgoui has ridden so hard that he’s hoping to manage a Guinness record, and is surely headed for divorce.
He values his collection at over $50,000 and “owns a fifth of the world’s entire collectable Transformers memorabilia” with his priciest buy being a £500 ($670) Lio Prime.
Who can beat him? Is it you? How many items in his treasure trove can you match? Click through for the full-size marvel!

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